Full of taste with complete responsibility.

As a traditional family-owned company, we have been producing the finest pastry specialties with a lot of love and dedication for more than 70 years. Thinking and acting in a sustainable way have been second nature for us for a long time.


Because we love our craftsmanship and always define our success by the satisfaction of our customers, we attach great importance to freshness and using the best ingredients, preferably locally-sourced, which are then processed carefully. So that we can maintain our high quality standards in the long term, it is particularly important to us to use our resources in a forward-looking and effective manner. That‘s why we have been thinking about taking a responsible approach for many years and have developed strategies to meet the needs of our customers, our environment and our employees in the long term.

ENVIRONMENT for all of our children

We attach great importance to sustainable management in the sense of preserving our resources and an intact environment for the generations that will follow ours.

For example, we have long relied on the sustainability principle of our main suppliers in the manufacture of our packaging. This includes the fact that some of the punching waste produced there is sorted and then used in secondary fiber paper production.

SUSTAINABLE RAW MATERIALS Tasteful responsibility

High quality products need high quality raw materials. That is why we pay particular attention to the origin and taste of all the ingredients we use to make our crispy delicacies. We only work together with the best suppliers and transport specialists. Our purchasing and quality assurance departments select all suppliers and raw materials according to strict criteria. We examine the raw materials carefully as soon as they arrive on our premises, so that we can then continue to process them under
optimum conditions.

PEOPLE Our employees...

... are our pride and joy. They are at the heart of the company. Without them everything would come to a standstill here. They produce and sell baked goods
that make us what we are. Of course, we are aware of that and want to give something back to our employees by creating working conditions that match the enthusiasm of our employees. Meetings based on trust where everyone is standing on an equal footing
are a matter of course for us. We develop potential and promote perspectives, with everyone pulling together for each individual, but also for the whole team. In addition, we are involved in the social environment, for example with our support for local social projects

Quality, you can taste


This is the only way can we fulfill our quality standards for the long term. That's why we decided to join the Sustainable Cocoa Forum in 2015. Through our membership, we want to improve the lives of cocoa farmers and their families and contribute to a secure livelihood that will conserve and protect natural resources and biodiversity in the countries where the cocoa is grown, and increase both the cultivation and marketing of sustainably produced cocoa.


Only in this way can we fulfill our quality standards permanently. That's why, in 2015, we decided to join the Sustainable Cocoa Forum. Through our membership, we want to improve the lives of cocoa farmers and their families and contribute to a secure livelihood that will conserve and conserve natural resources and biodiversity in cultivated countries, and increase both the cultivation and marketing of sustainably produced cocoa.
One active decision we took in 2017 was to start using only raw materials with cocoa constituents that are UTZ certified in the production of our waffle and wafer specialties.
At the end of 2018 we achieved our goal and are now UTZ certified.


Better cultivation. Better future.
The UTZ certification system enables manufacturers to demonstrate that they are operating in a responsible way – by meeting strict social and environmental standards. UTZ provides manufacturers with a guarantee of responsible production and the ability to demonstrate this to their consumers in a credible way.
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Good quality is so close..

The flour for our products is made from the best wheat that is mainly grown in the immediate area and ground in nearby mills.


As we use palm oil in our pastry specialties, we have become a member of the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) so that we can actively support the sustainable cultivation of our extremely important raw material. Due to the very good properties of palm oil and the lack of alternatives, it is not yet possible to use another fat instead. Therefore the approach we take is not to completely avoid the use of palm oil, but to limit it’s use to where it can be cultivated sustainably. We have committed ourselves to this and exclusively use 100% RSPO-certified sustainably produced palm oil for the manufacture
of our products.


Sustainable and of the highest quality: this is what a nut must be like before it ends up in our delicious fillings. We know exactly where it comes from, because we know its origin and the producer who cultivated and processed it.



As a manufacturer of environmentally friendly, recyclable products, HANS KOLB Corrugated Cardboard is particularly committed to establishing a binding environmental policy. The company has a history of giving a high priority to the careful use of raw materials and also the use of environmentally-friendly energy in modern production processes. By establishing environmental protection targets that are mandatory both for the whole company and also for each individual employee, they also want to act as role models in environmental management.

For HANS KOLB Corrugated Cardboard, sustainability is much more than following the latest trend. This company has been practising what we now refer to as sustainability for many decades. Corrugated board itself is already an environmentally-friendly product thanks to the renewable raw materials that go into it, the successful recycling processes that have always been used and the resource-saving use of materials.

The regional recycling cycle that includes HANS KOLB Paper as a producer of raw paper and the regional waste paper collection centres provides impressively proof of this.

Thanks to an optimized internal raw material cycle, things like edge trimmings and punching waste are taken straight to the paper mill. This means that new and innovative raw paper products, such as the KOLB HighLiner (KHL) or the special HighPerformanceFluting (HPF) for outstanding technical properties at the highest level can be created here.

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